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Corporate-related information

January 1902Saw cutting factory founded by Seitaro Okumura in Gamo Town, Shiga Prefecture.
August 1952Transition to a factory specializing in valve cocks with expansions in manufacturing and sales.
May 1962Company name changed to Okumura Engineering Works Co., Ltd..
June 1969Established and moved offices to new head office and factory.
November 1975Completed construction of a large factory for machines.
April 1980Established a new integrated assembly line for butterfly valves.
October 1990Established OKM Valve Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
August 1992Completed construction of a new factory.
April 1993Company name changed to Okumura Engineering Corporation.
October 1997Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
June 1998Completed construction of a new head office.
February 2003Established the Suzhou Okumura Valve Limited Company in China.
August 2006Established Suzhou Okumura Valve Trading Co., Ltd. to sell valves inChina.
December 2008Moved the Malaysia Factory to a new building.
July 2011Representative office opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
March 2012Due to a change in Chinese domestic law, closed Suzhou Okumura Valve Trading Co., Ltd.
September 2012Commenced sales in China through the Suzhou Okumura Valve Co., Ltd.
August 2018Acquired ISO 27001 certification.
March 2019Established OKM VALVE (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD in China.
April 2019Established Shiga Higashiomi Factory in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture.
June 2020Selected as a"2020 GLOBAL NICHE TOP 100" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
October 2020Established Research and Development Center in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture.
December 2020Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
February 2021Moved the Head Office to Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture.
March 2021Representative Office of the Republic of Korea opened in Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea.
June 2021The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) selected the company’s pursuit of R&D concerning large-diameter butterfly valves for liquid hydrogen as a “Supporting Industry” project (a project to support the advancement ofstrategic fundamental technologies).
April 2022Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market following the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's stock market.
February 2023Due to the move of base in China to OKM VALVE (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD, completed the liquidation the Suzhou Okumura Valve Limited Company.

Product-related information

May 1967Developed the 703 Neo Pinch Valve.
March 1972Developed the 501 Butterfly Valve.
August 1973Developed the 505 Butterfly Valve.
August 1977Developed the 515 Butterfly Valve.
March 1979Developed the 336 Knife Gate Valve.
March 1982Developed the ML-515 Electronic Butterfly Control Valve.
OctoberDeveloped the 5400 High-Performance Butterfly Valve.
September 1984Developed the 336D Knife Gate Valve.
June 1986Developed the VAVTROL-S1 Electronically Controlled Air Conditioning Valve.
October 1988Developed the VAVTROL-S2 Electronically Controlled Air Conditioning Valve.
July 1992Developed the 601A Aluminum Butterfly Valve.
Developed the 615X General-Purpose Butterfly Valve.
Developed the 606F Flange-Type Butterfly Valve.
June 1993Developed the Jumbo Butterfly Valve.
January 1995Developed the 336S Knife Gate Valve.
November 1997Developed the 6424 Fire-Safe Butterfly Valve.
August 1998Developed the 622H High-Pressure Butterfly Valve.
March 1999Developed the 607F Flange-Type Butterfly Valve.
OctoberDeveloped the VAVTROL-DN Electronic Butterfly Valve.
June 2000Developed the 602 Aluminum Die Cast Butterfly Valve.
Developed the 336J Multi-Seat Type Knife Gate Valve.
August 2001Developed the 618H High-Pressure Butterfly Valve.
April 2002Developed the 612X General-Purpose Butterfly Valve.
Developed the 606K Flange-Type Butterfly Valve.
Developed the 603A Aluminum Die Cast Butterfly Valve (PPS Disc).
Developed the 5410 High-Performance Butterfly Valve.
April 2004Developed the 336J Knife Gate Valve.
October 2005Developed the 111S, 110S, 121S, and 120S Wafer Check Valves.
August 2006Developed the 603S and 612S butterfly valves for use with powders.
April 2008Developed a marine hatch rotary sluice valve.
Developed the 110Z and 120Z Wafer Check Valves.
March 2010Developed the 618F | 622F High-Pressure Flange-Type Butterfly Valve.
December 2011Developed the 635N Fluororesin-Lined Butterfly Valve.
April 2016Developed the Exv series of Butterfly Valves for Marine Emission Control System.
September 2016Remodel of the VAVTROL-DN Electronic Butterfly Valve.
April 2017Developed the 637N Fluororesin-Lined Butterfly Valve.