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612X / 615X

Rubber Seated Butterfly Valve

612X / 615X


General industries, shipbuilding, and building equipment


Lever, gear, center handle, cylinder, electric motor
○ Max. service pressure: 1.0MPa
○ Piping flange: JIS 5K, 10K; ASME 125 lb, 150 lb; PN10, 16; GB10, 16
○ Produaction size (612X): 40 A to 300 A
           615X: 350A~1200A

“Soft Touch Seat” for enhanced durability and reliability
OKM’s “Soft Touch Seat” provides crimping at a gentle angle when the valve is closed and the disc comes into contact with the seat surface. This enables zero leaks while minimizing seat wear, thus prolonging the service life and further improving reliability.
Reduced torque for a lightweight, compact actuator
OKM has developed a proprietary seat construction that provides a unique seal structure. Combining this construction with a reduced torque allows for a more lightweight and compact actuator.

Piping connection method

Standard specifications are C-type for 612X (40 A to 300 A) models and A-type for 615X (350 A to 1,200 A) models.
Contact OKM for any other type requests.
Piping connection method
● A-type (Tap holes)
40 A to 300 A (Semi-standard specification)
350 A to 1,200 A (Standard specification)
* 615X models with sizes of 650 A or more are made-to-order.
● B-type (Drill holes)
40 A to 300 A (Semi-standard specification)
Piping connection method
● C-type (Piping guide rib)
40 A to 300 A (Standard specification)
Piping connection method
● E-type (Lug-type tap holes)
40 A to 600 A (Made-to-order)
* 615X models are available in sizes up to 600 A.