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336J / 336Y

Knife Gate Valve

336J / 336Y


Paper-making, petrochemicals, chemicals, foods, mining, sewage treatment, high-concentration or high-viscosity fluids, etc.


Handle, cylinder, electric motor
○ Max. service pressure:
1.0MPa(50 A to 300 A)
0.5MPa(350 A to 600 A)
○ Piping flanges: JIS 10K, JIS 5K
○ Production size: 50 A to 600 A
○ Max. service pressure: 1.0Mpa
○ Piping flanges: JIS 10K, JIS 5K
○ Production size: 350 A to 600 A

Multi-Seat Type Knife Gate Valve
With a completely stainless-steel structure, OKM’s knife-gate technology embodies a reliable and proven record for a more sophisticated approach to sever fluid control conditions (50 A to 300 A models use a lost wax structure). A multi-seat type is also available with selectable seats according to the fluid specifications. Knife-gate valves are ideal for hard-to-control fluids such as slurries, pulps, powders, and other highly concentrated or highly viscous fluids in industries such as paper-making, petroleum, chemicals, foods, mining, and sewage treatment.
Fluid clogging prevention and seat contact construction
When closing the valve to stop the flow of liquid, the plate fits closely to the valve seat.
Precision casting packing box shape
The improved adhesion accuracy between the plate and the gland packing in the gland box allows for a greater seal against leakage.