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637N / 635N

Fluororesin-Lined Valve

637N / 635N


Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, gases, solvents, etc.


Lever, gear, cylinder, electric motor
○ Max. service pressure: 1.0Mpa
○ Piping flanges: JIS 10K; ASME 125Lb, 150Lb
○ Production size: 637N:50 A to 300 A
       635N:350 A to 600 A

Butterfly valve with superior resistance to chemicals and sealability, ideal for use in medicinal, food, and industrial applications
OKM’s fluororesin-lined butterfly valve includes Teflon® fluorinated PTFE and PTA resin for all wetted parts. This ensures stable performance in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, and deionized water for electronics.
Highly resistant to corrosion and highly durable
The fluororesin lining (PTFE, PFA) offers high resistance to corrosion and prevents fluids from sticking, making these valves suitable for such fluids as strong acids, gases, and foods. In addition, the unique internal structure prevents fluid stagnation and ensures even greater durability and cleanliness.
Innovative disc seal structure
The valve’s disc includes a section of backup rubber. The compressive force of the rubber causes the outer perimeter of the disc to become crimped onto the seat. The seat’s center portion is also slightly raised inward for even greater air-tightness. This firm hold on the disc ensures a perfect seal.
Highly resistant to heat and pressure for use even in harsh environments
Even when used in 150°C conditions at 1.0 MPa, sealability and operability remain the same. This high resistance to heat, pressure, and wear ensures fluid control even in harsh environments.
Three-layered seal structure for preventing fluid leakage
The disc crimping against the seat provides the primary seal. The O-ring provides a secondary seal. Finally, the tapered bushing provides a third stem seal. This three-seal construction offers a tight seal and eliminates any chance of leaks outside of the piping.