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616J / 618H / 622H

Rubber Seated Butterfly Valve


High-rise buildings, air-conditioning systems, fire- and disaster-prevention equipment, general industries


Lever, gear, cylinder, electric motor

○ Max. service pressure: 1.0MPa
○ Piping flanges: JIS 5K, 10K
○ Production size: 50 A to 300 A


○ Max. service pressure: 1.6MPa
○ Piping flanges: JIS 16K
○ Production size: 50 A to 600 A


○ Max. service pressure: 2.0MPa
○ Piping flanges: JIS 16K, 20K
○ Production size: 50 A to 600 A

1.0MPa general-purpose butterfly valve developed from the pursuit of high-quality seal technology
With an integrated body and seat, this valve offers stable performance in any field thanks to features including high pressure, high differential pressure, high flow velocity (6m/s), and high vacuum.
“S-Line Disc” designed with ideal fluid dynamics in mind
OKM’s “S-Line Disc” provides high CV values as well as excellent controllability. In addition, friction-free contact with the disc seat allows for low torque and excellent sealing performance.
“Touch” seat for guaranteed sealing performance, low torque, and long service life
The design allows the disc to crimp against the seat protuberance, thus ensuring excellent sealing performance. And because the disc does not come into contact with the seat until the valve is fully closed, the operating torque is drastically reduced. This makes it possible for the actuator to be both compact and lightweight. Moreover, the “Soft Touch” of the disc against the seat allows for an even longer service life of the rubber seat. In other words, the “Touch” seat design is greatly beneficial not only in terms of performance but also economic efficiency.